How to make fabric twine from old ties

I have been given a lot of old ties. The crafter that gave them to me used to weave chairs with them. She could no longer weave with her hands, so she had to give it up. What can you do with old ties? Well lots of things! I decided to make fabric twine with some of them. What is fabric twine? It is using scrap fabric and twisting it into a usable twine. I have been making fabric twine out of scraps for awhile now. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. I enjoy doing it on long car rides because it keeps my hands busy. The ties make good twine because they don’t fray like other fabric.

To start you have to take the tie apart.

I start at the wide end and I like to remove the tag to use in another project.

There are some stitches that hold the tie together.

Clip those stitches and work your way up the tie. I remove the inner lining and now you have a good piece of scrap fabric. I cut off both pointed ends of the tie and lay the tie flat.

I will cut an angle off of the wide end to make the end more even with the rest of the tie.

I then cut the tie into 3 strips about an inch or so wide.

Now you have something to start with.

I take 2 strips and knot the end. I twist one two times away and cross it over the other strand pulling it towards you them repeat pulling it tight. You can connect the strands by clipping holes in each strip and pulling them through each other. When I make a ball of tie twine I use about ten ties. It makes about 13 and 1/2 feet of twine. I am posting weekly videos on my Tiktok page showing you what you can make with the twine. I will be posting a video later on how to make the twine to Youtube and will link it here. Until then stay Funky and let’s cut up some ties!