How to paint earrings with DIY Paint

I have become obsessed with making earrings lately. I have been taking care of my now 85 year old father so I have been doing more small inside stuff. I love DIY Paint and how it blends well and is easy to use. You can buy some from a DIY Paint retailer near you I had some of these wood blanks that would make really cute earrings. I got them on amazon. These are 1.5 inch wood rounds. You can use any kind of wood blanks.

I started out by painting each blank front and back with Vintage Linen. I let them dry.

After they have dried I took Carnival Red, Cowgirl Coral, and Vintage Linen and put them on a plate.

I took some of the Carnival Red and mixed in some Vintage Linen to make a pink color. So I have three colors to work with.

For all three colors you will have a separate paint brush, a cup of water, and a neutral brush. Each blank gets a line of all three colors.

Then you take your neutral brush with a dab of water and brush it across the three lines pulling them into each other.

Do this front and back for each one. Then you will paint the outside edge of the blank to give it a more finished look. Use any of the three colors.

When they have all dried we are ready to add some stamps. I have all kinds of stamps so I picked something that would fit on the blank. I used a different stamp for each side. I pressed the stamp into the ink after each stamp.

After they have dried front and back I then add about three coats of Mod Podge.

A top coat will brighten up the paint and protect it. Once all have dried I add the jump rings and earring hooks. You now have a very unique pair of earrings. I have a YouTube Video showing this process and you can watch it here

Have fun and stay Funky!