How to sell Junk at the flea market

I am lucky to have several flea markets close to me. Both are open year around. One is the only one around that is open on Tuesdays. You can check it out here The other is open on Saturdays and Sundays. If you are interested in setting up at one I would plan to go one of the sale days and just check it out. You can talk to vendors and get a feel for how it is to sell there and who to see about getting a table.

The two markets I sell at you get there early and if the spot is not marked reserved you can set up there. One I have to bring my own tables and it is only $7. This is an uncovered spot. The other is also uncovered with a big table and lots of room in front of it for more tables and it is only $10. Management at both comes around and collects your money-later on in the morning. Make sure that you have about $100 in change you will need it. I like to have a variety of things that will appeal to many different people. I have never sold out of stuff. But I do normally make a little money. I also enjoy talking to all the people that come by. Speak to everyone. Greet them and say thank you. Don’t keep your head down looking at your phone. I don’t put prices on stuff. If someone is looking at something tell them what you want for it. Flea Market people will ask you what you want for something. Be prepared for them to offer a lower price. Also take lots of bags with you. I have given people with their hands full a bag even if they are not buying anything from me. It pays to be nice.

Give it a try if you want to get rid of some stuff and make some money. You never know until you try it. Until next time Stay Funky!

Freezing at the Flea Market!
Something you might see at the Flea Market.
Something you might see at the flea market!